Tuesday Teasers 08.13.13 Houses

Today is going to be a teaser!  Not so much for you all, but for me…and possibly my husband!  We are starting to look around to see what is out there!  We know we would like to have our own place in the next two years!  So why do we want to move out of the house we are in?  This is a little more complicated.  When my father purchased the house we currently live in it seemed like the logical thing to do.  My parents had been divorced for years and my husband and I were getting married.  It seemed like a good solution for us all to be able to save money and be able to have something nicer.

Now, we had been in a 3 bedroom townhouse.  I think it was around 1,000 square feet, maybe closer to 1,500.  And now we are in a 3,000 square foot home.  There are 4 bedrooms and a finished basement.  This should be more than enough room for a family of 4 plus one, right?  One would think.  And for a while it was.  But when you have 2 kids that have a mind of their own, more than one person that works at least partly from home, and more than one person that likes to have a space to call their own…it becomes: COMPLICATED!  While I am not going to air everything out, I am just going to say that I think it is time for the baby bird to spread her wings and find her own nest.  Her nest that she can invite others over to.  The nest that she is responsible for.  The nest that will give us independence that we should have.  Will it be a difficult transition emotionally, yes.  Is it needed based on the situation, yes.  Did I think this day would ever come, no.

This brings us to my new addiction to the Zillow App!  It is on my phone and my iPod and I love it.  It isn’t perfect.  It pulls public records and they are not always accurate, but it gives us a jumping point to see what is out there.  So why are we looking at houses if it is likely a year or two down the road?  Because interest rates are awesome right now and the housing market is getting better!  We want to make sure we are keeping our eyes open in case a deal comes along that we just can’t pass up!  That said, we have not be per-approved.  To me that is the first official step to saying that we are looking now!  And well, we are only semi looking now!  We know what we would qualify for.  And we know what we will qualify for with two kids in school too!  And we know what we want to pay.  So we are staying in the semi looking zone.

So today we are looking at the houses in the area that we love.  Houses that take everything we want and put it in a nice package.  Houses that will keep us happy.  Houses that my husband will have his man cave, I will have my craft room, and we will all have bedrooms!  My husband is bringing a tranquilizer gun in case I try to make an office.  It will be sleepy time for me!

I love to plan.  It is a wonder I haven’t printed out everything, but I have my Zillow App and favorites.  So it is the green version of what I have done in the past!  So for now we are looking to see if this is the type of home we are looking for so that we can save up for it or build if we miss it!

And while our future home might not look like this…3652-1-sims3-mediterranean-dream-house-2We will find a home!  And it will be good enough for us!