Tuesday Teasers 08.27.13: Miley, REALLY?

This post really should have gone with Monday Madness!  There was just no way I could post it then.  I was in SHOCK!  Total and utter SHOCK!  I did not watch the VMAs.  My time TV consists of Disney movies for the most part.  Though at times that makes me shutter.  Though, we stick with the animated movies for the most part.  Though lately my kids are more fascinated with eating and bath time.  Both of which are fine with me.  They can get dirty and then I can contain everything in the tub!  It is a win win!


I am getting off track though, much like I think Miley did at the VMAs.  Just, WOW!  I remember her from Hannah Montana.  I didn’t watch it, but again, my kids do watch the Disney Channel.  So we are able to see this at times.  We stick manly to Disney Jr though!  I thought whatever when she cut most of her hair off.  We all tend to go through a finding ourselves stage.  It is just that her stages are shown on live TV and typically not the pretty moments.  Because, everyone loves a train wreck.  She is honestly the Britney of this generation.  I don’t get it.  I would think that someone would reach out and just say, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?”  Be a true friend to them.  Tell them to get their act together!  It makes me sad.

I have seen everything on Facebook and online.  It took me seeing the reaction of Will Smith’s family to go and look up the video and see what in the world Miley did.  Though as it turns out, it was really a reaction to Lady Gaga.  That and a friend said that she pulled a Britney.  I didn’t think it was possible.  And sadly, most of the time I can’t resist a train wreck!  So I am a part of the problem too!  At the same time I need to be aware of what is going on out there since I am raising two children and I can’t shelter them.  I need to be prepared to talk to them about these things though!

What she did should have been an R rating.  It was vulgar and disgusting!  I wish I had recorded myself when I watched it.  I didn’t think it was possible to shock me.  I have seen some pretty shocking things.  Honestly this shocked me more than a video I saw online involving a cup.  That is all I am saying about that though!  The way she acted and what she did with the bears and others on the stage blew my mind.  And then what she did with the sports fan finger or whatever it was, that honestly reminded me of someone who is under the influence of some very strong substances.  For her or anyone to think that what she did on TV was okay is insane!

I am all for artist expressing themselves.  I really am.  And there are ways to display art tastefully.  What she did was not art though!  It wasn’t even close!  It was pure filth!

Whether she likes it or not, there are young girls out there that look up to her!  And since she chose to stay in the lime light, I honestly think she has a responsibility to act like one!  If she had done that in a club on her own time and it showed up on youtube, whatever!  Things can always be taken out of context.  There was NO excuse here though.  SHE WAS ON TV AND SHE KNEW IT!  When are these stars going to be held accountable for their actions?  This isn’t like a wardrobe malfunction.  She didn’t think it through.  If she did think it through, her and anyone that approved of it need some SERIOUS help!  I am not kidding.  They need therapy and possibly daily hugs.  Something is lacking in their lives if they think this is suitable.


The photos I included were the tamest ones I could find.  But they show the bears, her outfits, and the pointing finger.  I don’t even know what else to say.  Miley, please get help!  You are a beautiful young woman and you are better than this!  Prove it to yourself!