Two Kids Later and I Need NEW Clothing

It is amazing the changes your body goes through after children.  There are the normal changes that your body goes though in life too.  But boy did my body change after two…

I was always fit through college.  I was always on the go.  And the fact that I played field hockey and lacrosse didn’t hurt.  Boy did that change after college was over.  Working as a teller didn’t help matters at all.  If you need food, work as a teller at a bank and you will be fed.  I am not saying it will be food that is good for you, but it will taste good!  I gained at least 10-20 pounds while I was working at the credit union.

Then I started working at the hospital.  I thought that all the walking would help me.  It did.  And then I had two kids and discovered the grill downstairs!  Oh my!  Talk about good food for breakfast and lunch.  Again, not good for you.  But I was eating for TWO!  I did better with my second pregnancy though.  I am now back down to my pre-baby #2.  Now I just need to make it to pre-baby #1.  I am not too far off.

But right now, my problem is shirts.  My tummy really isn’t too out there.  It is mostly skin…MOSTLY I said 😉  And all of my shirts seem too short.  I love them.  And I am convinced that it the reason I don’t stand as tall as I should.  If I did, the whole world would see my belly.  A pregnant belly – cute.  A deflated post 2 babies belly – not so cute.  I refuse to go back to my maternity shirts and you can only jack your pants up but so high.  And I don’t get why they are so short.  I know I am breastfeeding, but the boobs are not that much bigger.  The little boob monster drains them every chance she gets!

So I don’t know what to do.  I need to find new shirts for work and play.  I am very casual…and cheap…when it comes to me anyway.  So I need something that works.  Any suggestions.  I keep looking and finding nothing.  I need to have no fear and stand tall, without exposing my lack of muscle tone in the mid section!  HELP!


  1. I soooooo feel ya on this one!!!! But hey, try 4 babies! I have so much trouble finding shirts I am truly comfortable in.

  2. Mama Momo says:

    I got a bunch of Old Navy shirts that were on sale. I LOVE the length. I don't love that it looks like I am about 4 months pregnant. Yes, I realize that my baby is only 4 months old, but still. I want to look good and be covered. Is that asking too much?