Wednesday Windows 01.18.12 – Positivity

There is so much negativity out there and it seems to be very contagious.  I always thought that as we got older that the drama would go away.  That as we get older that we learn how to interact with others in a positive way.  That we start to act the way that adults should.  That we show our children the proper way to communicate and show emotion.  That we lead by example.

In a perfect world, all that would be so.  It isn’t a perfect world.  We are all going to be negative at some point in time.  We are all going to bring a little drama into our lives.  We are all going to act like a child again no matter how hard we try.  And this is going to happen because we are not perfect.  I would love to meet a perfect person and see how they do it.

One thing we can do is strive to be positive.  Try to see the up side to every situation.  Try not to let the negativity in our lives take over.  Try to spread the positive energy.  If you focus on all the bad around you and in life, you are going to be negative.  You need to focus on how to move forward.  How to get things to change.  Have goals in mind and stepping stones on how to get there.

How do you make a change?  It can all start with a smile.  One thing I strive to do daily is greet everyone I come in contact with.  If there is not time, I at least smile.  Smiling is the easiest way to spread positivity.  It takes the least amount of energy and can have the biggest rewards.  When I see that my smile makes another person smile it makes me feel better and my smile larger!

Being positive and seeing the positive is one of my goals for the new year.  I am going to try to cover all my goals for the new year in a future post.  This is just one of many.  And typing them out of writing them down hold you accountable!

What are things you do to spread the positive energy a little further?