Wednesday Windows: 08.07.13 – A New Post!

I am pretty sure today is a miracle!  You might want to go out and play some lucky numbers or something!  I am actually writing a new blog post!

So 2012 was a bust!  I started out the year all pumped up and ready to go!  I had a photo contest and all kinds of other stuff in the works!  And then nothing!  Absolutely NOTHING!  It was like those people who make a new years resolution and say they are going to work out!  They go pay for their gym membership, get new shoes, new clothing, and they brag!  They go to the gym.  It is super crowded!  They keep it up for 3 months and then…NOTHING!  Yep!  I was one of those people too!  Except with my blog!  Though I was one of those gym people too, just a different time of year so it wasn’t crowded!

This year I vow to keep up my posts!  Can you hear me laughing!  Yeah!  I vow nothing!  What I will say is that I love to write!  I want to write!  I love to share…my husband says a little too much!  He is tuned out right now!  I have exceed my 10 second limit of his zone to be able to handle the words that come out of my mouth!  I still love him though!  So I am going to be random.  I might use categories once in a while, I might not!  And the days of the week at the top…I will just keep it with those!  And I might have a weekend random.  In reality…they will all likely be weekend random.

At this point I have likely lost a few of you!  For those that are still reading, you are really bored, you love me, or maybe you just really like to read!  I don’t mind!  I am having fun and that is what I do!  And if I am able to make a few connections with people that can take my kind of random, well then BRING IT!!!!

Some things that I hope to talk about in the near future and hope to have some pictures along the way.  My hair is long again…did you see the welcome page?  You can’t see it all!  See…long!  I want to do something fun with it and donate the rest!  So that is one thing to talk about!  I also want to talk about dreams and house hunting!  I love looking at houses!  Right now that dream to have our own is on the back burner!  We need to save up!  We are adults and we are smart and so we are going to save money!  I am saying this in hopes that it is true!  There is more stuff!  I might even talk about books and movies!  Who knows!

Until the next time!  May my posts be in your favor!  Okay…yeah…I like the Hunger Games and that was lame!  I try 😉

Side note…totally thought that my signature was pink!  It isn’t.  That is okay!  But that is how long it has been!  Get it together Mo!  Hmmm…maybe I can start to do videos and wear my signature color for them!  Then you can hear my voice too…and tune me out like my husband does after 10 second!  You would too!  So it isn’t his fault.  He hears me talking about owls and is just thinking there will be an end to the talking…she does sleep!  And I wouldn’t get to write!  I like to talk almost as much as I like to write…but I haven’t tried the video thing!  A new challenge.  Here we go…see gym analogy above!  Until next time…