Wednesday Windows 12.7.11 Pictures

I am so excited to have this on the way to me.  It is the Canon Rebel T2i.  I thought about getting the T3i, but I don’t think that the flip out screen, a screen that is a touch bigger, and a camera that is a touch lighter is worth over $100 more.  I purchased the camera on Amazon.  It was the best deal that I could find at the time.  I was going to try to wait until after Christmas, but my grandmother insisted that I buy it now.  My grandmother has almost always had the roll of grandmother and mother in my life.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  I try to do all I can for her, even if it is just a letter or a phone call.

My grandparents with Sydney in the hospital.  They are known as Oma and Opa!

I have had an idea in my head for a while.  My current camera is nice, but it could be better.  We also have a digital video camera that is nice, but it could be better.  My grandparents can’t get around as well as they could at one time.  I know it pains them that they are not able to lead the active lives that they did at one time.  They feel like they are missing out on so much.  So I wanted to be able to make them DVDs with big events and video messages from us.  I would take the videos, get them on the computer, and then let my husband make the DVD happen!

I continued to think on this concept.  I wanted something that I could send them a little more often.  My grandmother is always saying how she loves pictures and that is all she wants.  So I figure, if we are going to get a good camera, we need to put it to use.  This made me think of picture books.  I want to make her a picture book each month.  I have started to take at least one picture a day of each of the kids.  At the end of each month I am going to load the pictures into Snapfish.  I will then add all the pictures to the book in order.  Each book will be labeled with the month and year.

I already sent them the first book.  It is made up of pictures from 2011.  Their next book will be December 2011.  It will not be the full month.  It will be from the 4th on.  So it is still pretty close.  When I told my grandmother about this, she told me I better get the new camera.  She also said I better make sure that the audio is good on the videos or she is going to have to get me an external mic.  She is so excited about this.

And from now on life will not go from these two pictures:

To this picture:

My grandparents will now get to see all the days in between.  It will still feel like the days fly by, but we will all have the pictures to look back on.  My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!  From now on, I am going to do my best to make sure I don’t miss a day.  I am also going to be able to have fun with my new camera.  And I hope to be able to produce some fun quality pictures of my family.  I might be asking for camera tips soon!

Is anyone up for the challenge in 2012?  We can all do at least a picture a day.  You do not need to load them daily.  You can do monthly or weekly too.  We can have monthly check ins to see all the wonderful changes.  I might have to make sure I cut Kenneth’s hair more often now too!



  1. I think I’m game! I’m very excited for you to get your camera!!!

    • Thanks so much, Nicole! I am so excited. I have my camera now and I LOVE it. I have been taking pictures like crazy with it. Trying to learn as much as I can!