Wednesday Windows: What do you want to be when you grow up?

‘Wednesday Windows’ is going to be my new Wednesday thing.  I am going to take a closer look at something that I have talked about in the past or just something I really want to talk about.  Mondays tend to be a mixture of everything since we are just getting into the week.  I will try to be more focused on Wednesdays and bring something for us all to talk about.  Now for our first installment of Wednesday Windows…

What do you want to be when you grow up?  It is a valid question.  We ask our children this all the time.  But do we know what we want to be ourselves?  Are we in our dream job?  Are you happy with what you do for a living (this includes SAHM and SAHD since that is a full time job with no vacations or breaks)?

If you asked me when I was little I would have told you one of the following: judge, lawyer, president, or teacher.  I wanted to be a judge so that I could make sure that people would get a fair trial.  I wanted to be a lawyer to make sure everyone had someone to stand up for them.  I wanted to be the president so that I could make the country run in a way that suited everyone.  I wanted to be a teacher so that I could help people to reach their true potential.

In high school I had an advanced science class that was kicking my butt.  Science and math had always been easy to me until my sophomore year in high school (grade 10).  The teacher of the class said that math was the hardest subject.  She said that there was no way she could have been a math major in college.  From that point forward it was my goal to be a math major.  Her class was beating me, so I was going to do something she said she couldn’t.  I like a challenge!

I went to college for four years and studies and played field hockey the whole time.  I was determined to be a middle school math teacher and to coach field hockey and lacrosse.  I studied and was certified to teach math 6-12.  I was determined to make a difference.  I wanted to encourage students to learn before they were at an age where they would give up.  I saw so many broken students at the high school level that had made it to the point of no return.  Others had given up on them and they had given up on themselves.  I hated seeing that.  I tried so hard everyday that I was there to turn them around while I was student teaching.  I felt like I would make more progress digging out of the room with a plastic spoon than getting them to believe that they were smart enough to do this!

It became my mission to get to students before they were broken.  I wanted to make life easier on high school teachers so that their job would be easier.  So that they could spend their time teaching rather than spending all class trying to keep order and focus.  I wanted to help our children while they are dealing with all the changes in their life and still expected to learn.  I loved teaching middle school classes.  What I didn’t like was working with the other teachers.  It seemed like they counted down the days to breaks before the students did.  I am pretty sure a lot of them got together and did snow dances on their lunch breaks too!

I did a long term math substitution job in a middle school for the end of the year right after college graduation.  I was told there was a contract in it for me at the end.  The end came and went.  I talked with the principal and was told that they had offered too many jobs at the job fair and didn’t have any contracts left.  This meant that they were letting go of a teacher certified to teach math for a math opening.  They were filling the math opening with someone certified to teach something else.  But, they were certified (please insert a big eye roll here)!

I was contacted every year after that for the next 2 years about starting half way through the year.  Every time they told me that there might be a contract at the end of it for me.  I couldn’t deal with ‘might be’ anymore.  I was fooled once and wouldn’t be fooled again.  I needed benefits.  I needed stability.  I needed to know that I would have a job the next year!  So I passed every time they asked me to do a math substitution position.

I worked at the credit union as a teller for a year and then in accounting for another year.  I really enjoyed working with people.  I miss that in my current job.  I know work at a hospital in accounting.  It is a stable state job with benefits.  I need to stay here to take care of my family.  My husband works in retail and it isn’t the most stable job.  He is constantly trying to find something better.  But we keep doing what we are doing to make sure that our children are taken care of.

If you asked me today what I want to be…I would tell you I want to be a work at home mom or a stay at home mom.  I really wish that I could stay at home with my children until they were at least one.  Since I have the stable job with benefits, I can’t do that.  But what I wish I was now is for another Wednesday Window.

So what did you want to be when you were younger and what are you today?


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