You need to write to be a writer and blog to be a blogger

Seems like a simple enough concept.  You must write to be a writer and blog to be a blogger.  It can apply to anything in life.  Doesn’t matter if you are good bad or otherwise.  You must practice in order to be what you think you are.  And since I love to write, I gotta do it.  Even if it isn’t done well.  Even if I am currently doing it while doing laundry.  I literally have my Surface on my washer.  It is called multi tasking.  Though, it makes things interesting when it is on spin and wash…  And it is the Surface that is on the washer, not me.  So don’t go there!

I am not going to even bother with when was the last time I made a blog post.  All I know is that I am constantly looking at my phone wishing I was in front of something easy that I could type on.  What ends up happening is that I think of all of these wonderful ideas and I never get the opportunity to actually get them down.  And if I do, there are in the notes section of my phone.  Let us not even get started on how many notes I have in my phone.

Then that brings us to the kids.  I have gotten several interruptions and I am only on the third paragraph.  I love my kids.  I really do.  But as soon as they see me get anything other than my phone out, they are on me.  They are asking questions and needing mommy for everything under the sun.  As soon as I put it away, they could care less if I am around.  That is likely an exaggeration on both ends.  But the point is, I think they have radar for when mommy needs/wants to do something that requires focus.  That includes the big kid, otherwise known as my husband.  Then I feel guilty over wanting to do something I enjoy or something I need to do for work.  But, I need to do things for me too.  It doesn’t matter if you are a mom, dad, guardian, or none of the above.  You have to do things you enjoy too!

Therefore, I am going to attempt to write more again.  Make my Surface worth the money that was spent on it.  Do something that makes me happy other than spending time with my family.  And stop staring mindlessly at my phone wishing I was in front of something else typing.  We have to prioritize.  At the same time, we are one of those priorities.  Make time for yourself and for those you care about.  Take the time you need to recharge.  If that is time alone, do it.  If that is time with others, do it.  Also respect that others may not recharge the same way you do.

And as always, this was all over the place.  But…I need to keep at it so I will get better.  Maybe one day I will learn to stay on one topic at a time rather than letting my brain go crazy with tangents.  Don’t hold your breath!