You want to put poop in our washer?

How is that for a title? That was my husbands reaction when I told him I wanted to cloth diaper our son. While I was pregnant, I looked all around and started to buy different kinds of cloth diapers. I had high hopes that I would be able to get him on board with cloth by the time Kenneth was born. As time got closer, he said no way am I going to put diapers in the same washer as HIS clothing! We all know how this story ends. It is fun to tell though.

So I went to plan B. I had looked into a diaper service. Some wonderful friends got me a gift card that paid for half of the first month. About two weeks before Kenneth was due, our start up package was delivered by The Stork. We had 70 newborn prefold and 7 newborn covers all ready to be used. My son was a week late when they induced me. He was born on March 1, 2008 and was 9 lbs 12 oz! When we got home we used the newborn prefolds. Of course we were doomed for failure since he was not the size of your typical newborn. We had all kinds of leaks. We were going through laundry like crazy. The ladies at the cloth diaper service were great and got me the next size up with our next delivery. My husband had enough of it though. So I thought we were done with cloth.

My son started to get rashes with the disposable diapers. We tried a few different kinds. Pampers Swaddlers seemed to be our friend for a while. We were going through diaper rash creams like crazy to keep him rash free. We also had issues with blow outs. He was going through two or more outfits a day. And guess what was going in our washer??? POOP!!! So I bought some more cloth to try at home. I told my husband the same amount of poop will be going in the washer. The difference is, we will save some money.

So I got a few different kinds to try again. Kenneth was around three months old. We put him in cloth while he was at home. We would send him to day care in Pampers. We found that on the weekends that his rash would clear up and then start to get bad as the week went on. I looked up the state guidelines on cloth diapers. My daycare had told me they could not do cloth since they were state certified. This sounded crazy to me since some babies and children need cloth due to allergies. I found that if I had a doctors note, a hands free container to hold soiled diapers and took them home every night that they were required to let me. I talked to the director and informed her of this information.

Some time in November of 2008 I brought in a bunch of bumGenius 3.0 diapers, cloth wipes, a large wet bag, and a step open trash can. Each of them was expecting me to break out flats, pins and plastic pants. They fell in love with these diapers. They were amazed with the fact that he didn’t have blow outs anymore. Almost all of them want to use cloth when they start a family now. They would beg me to bring in cute prints for him to wear (camo and such). They would show them off to other parents. It was an over all positive experience.

Now in his toddler class he is one of TWO in cloth at daycare. My husband is happy with the fact that he is in cloth and is all for the next one to be in cloth. He talks to other parents about it to try to get them to use cloth as well. So now HE is telling others to put poop in their washers.


  1. What a great story! thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am Lee-Ann... says:

    I have used cloth on and off and have enjoyed it. :o) Great story!

  3. Anonymous says:

    great story! DH has an issue with the poop in the washer too, and to be perfectly honest, I'm not too crazy about it myself, but it's defiunately better than disposables.